Read 8 Signs Your Partner Is Holding You Back From The Future You Deserve [Its Time To Save YourSelf]


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Is your partner holding you back?
When we choose to get into a relationship, it is absolutely necessary for us to make a few compromises every now and then. Because of our individuality, it would be virtually impossible for us to always be in sync with our partners. That is why compromises are necessary. When we have disagreements with our partners, we have to be able to find a middle ground in order to preserve the balance and the harmony in the relationship. Couples must always be willing to give up little bits of themselves for the sake of the romance.

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However, a lot of people can make the mistake of compromising too much of who they are. You should never be willing to give up the important parts of yourself for the sake of the relationship. If you essentially give up your sense of identity, then that is never a good thing for the union. No relationship is ever worth giving up your personality and your ideals for. You should be willing to make some compromises, yes. But your partner should also accept that there are facets to your personality that are non-negotiable.’

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