EXPOSED: Guys See How girls restore vïrginïty in 5 minutes


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Many gentlemen who brag that they married virgins have been victims of clever girls who are ‘restoring’ their lost virg_inity.

Mzansi LIVE has gathered news about Chinese merchants who are selling ‘hymen’ to help girls fake virginity for at least five minutes. Take a few minutes to read through the information our journalists gathered about the Artificial Hymen Repair Kit

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  1. Akugri Joseph

    August 16, 2017 at 11:43 pm

    Am Joe from Ghana and am having a problem with my sex,which is,when I have sex with my wife it takes me time before I release or sometimes I don’t even release and recently I don’t get strong erecting for long,within some short period of time my dick falls and that will be the time we all begine to enjoy the sex but my dick will never be hard for us now and my wife is now worried of my situation and she sometimes thinks I cheat on her am not into such life ,and am twenty eight years now as my wife.

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