Dating Tips: Read 5 Signs That Your Partner Is Ready To Settle With You


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It’s time for both of you to settle down together.
One of the most difficult parts of a relationship is the mastery of timing. Timing plays a very important part in shaping how our relationships turn out. Everyone is familiar with the phrase “the right love at the wrong time”, because it tends to happen a lot. We are all caught in love affairs where everything seems perfect and magical, but the timing and situation never allows us to see our relationships come full circle. One should never underestimate the role of timing in determining how a relationship moves forward as well.

Couples are always struggling with their timing. When is the right time to ask someone out on a date? When is the right time to have that “talk” about where you are in the relationship? When should you bring up the topic of moving in together? Is it the proper time to ask for her hand in marriage? Is it the right time to discuss the prospect of having kids in the future? These are all very important questions in a relationship and they all concern time. You never want to be moving too fast or too slow in a relationship. You don’t want to have your partner either burned out or just plain disappointed at your inaction. You always have to be able to gauge the situation appropriately and react accordingly. You cannot afford to not think things through especially in regards to timing.

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