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5 Biblical Things To Do When A Friend Hurts You


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Trust takes a beating when your safe place feels like enemy territory.

Confusion quickly replaces logic. Your heart longs for understanding, but the facts that stretch out before you only prove to deepen and widen your wounds.

How do you learn to trust again?

With infinite wisdom and tender grace, God has traveled the road before me to bring perspective and offer healing. If what I’ve endured brings any measure of comfort to my sojourners, I offer these nuggets of wisdom to you:

1. You May Never Understand

Do you know what I want? I want justice–oceans of it. I want fairness–rivers of it. That’s what I want. That’s all I want. Amos 5:24 MSG

We serve a just God. So when our hearts are fixed on Him we long for that same pattern. When our hurt stems from people or places whom we believe pursue that same righteousness, it can be hard to reconcile the wrong. But, justice and fairness isn’t in our hands—or our grip on our [perceived] enemies would tighten. Knowledge is not likely to heal your wounds, but God can. He does not owe us explanations and often it is with great grace that He conceals His purposes. God’s purpose is not to inform, but transform. 

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