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10 Most hated Celebrities in the year 2016


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We all love celebrities, right, in some years they entertain us the most, while in other years, they nag us. In 2016, there have been many activities ranging from entertainment and social life to politics. Here we bring you the list of top ten most hated celebrities in 2016.

10: Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is considered as one of the most beautiful, handsome, rich and popular celebrity of the world because he is working in industry for last 35 years therefore appeared in many box hit movies so he is known as most romantic actor in leading role of Hollywood industry but instead of all these there is another truth about this celebrity that he is included in most unloved personalities of the world because of his controversies, he dated many women of the world which were also 8 to 10 years senior from him and also married three time but he divorced all his wives after some years of his marriage instead this he is also turned to Scientology religion which is also hated most in the world because people think that this is wrong way so hated by people most.

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